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VOX 5: How to Stay Politically Active on the Internet

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There is already a very limited number of ways that teenagers can make their voices heard in the political process. With COVID-19 closing many schools and facilities, the teens that want to be politically active in their communities may feel stuck on their couches with no ways to work. Well not to worry, because I’m here to present five ways teenagers can be involved in the political process from almost anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection! Here are the ways:

Vote From Home
If you are 18 or older, there is a way for you to vote without leaving your house. If you need to register, RockTheVote.org is a wonderful website that can help determine whether you’re properly registered. If you aren’t yet, Rock The Vote can even get you registered. If you already know your registration status and need to vote directly, VoteAtHome.org is a website that can send a ballot directly to your house for you to submit at any time before the election. Go check out those websites if you’re interested.

Contact Your State Representatives
If you have a particular issue that you would like your state elected officials to combat, there are multiple ways that you can contact them from almost anywhere. You can either write them a letter or just call them directly! If you’re not sure exactly who your representative is, House.gov will show you your representative and their contact information simply by entering your ZIP code.

Create/Sign a Petition
So let’s say you feel like the issue you are concerned about needs to be discussed on a large scale. Well, creating and sharing a petition can influence other people to get behind your movement! There are several websites such as Change.org that are dedicated to creating and spreading petitions all around the world. Why not create an account and make a petition there? You can sign existing petitions on these websites.

Use Social Media
The rise in social media use has given people, including politicians, the ability to reach millions and spread awareness about important issues. Unfortunately, with this good factor came the bad factor of spreading false information. But this does not mean that you still can’t try to make issues important to you known to others! Just make sure before you share something political on a social media website, that it’s truthful and not hurtful.

Register To Act For Political Parties
No matter what political party you affiliate with, the majority of them have websites. On these websites, you can host debate watch parties, suggest people you think should be elected officials or even register to vote! There’s a Democratic website, a Republican website and so on and so forth.

There are many wonderful ways that teenagers can use the internet, and these ways are included in that. If you would like to keep being politically active, try going to these websites! They could greatly help your cause.

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