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Poetry: ‘Plans’

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This endless sea of days,
Looms large in my gaze.

Undeniably forbidden,
I try to make plans unbidden. 

Not by law or legislation,
This treachery speaks of social defamation,

The question “Are you free?”
Is answered, “What else could I be?”

And yet, by wish or luck,
We decide to run amok,

Adhere to social distancing,
For a hike with talking and listening.

But as the days pass,
And time moves faster,

There are no more plans in sight,
For more, I wish outright.

We had tried to plan for a summer vacation,
Only for everything to fall apart in this nation,

We try again and again and again,
And wonder when this quarantine will finally end.

My brother bakes with his buddies,
For Quizbowl they study,

Even having competitions online,
Delicious muffins I rank as a nine.

My other brother has an internship to cover,
His plans are made day after day, I discover,
Sleep, work, and repeat.

I’ve tried to make plans with gardening,
But my results are disheartening,

I’ve tried sewing and knitting and baking, 
But it’s clear my prodigal talent isn’t in the making.

I would love to make plans this quarantine,
But they are a fickle and fleeting thing, 
I look forward to what the end will bring.

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