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VOX Teen Poetry: Are You Listening?

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Are you listening?

My voice was given to me

Handed to me on a silver platter

But the rising question

Does it deserve to be heard?

Does it deserve to be heard in school hallways to radio stations?

Does it deserve to be heard in the train station to car radios on highways?

Does it deserve to be heard from the roads of Botswana to 23rd street?

Does it deserve to be heard by children who aspire to be great?

My voice is like wildfire as it spreads inspiration to kids and adults

My voice should create dreams

My voice should heard at marches and protests

My voice should not be kept in a cage by the white man

My voice is me

The answer to my question:

Yes my voice deserves to be heard.

Rachel, 14, attends 21st Century STEM Academy.

Art by Amariyah Callender

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