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5 Seconds of Summer’s Youngblood: The Epitome of Evolution

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Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) has been an influential pop-rock group to youth since 2013. After going on tour with megastar group One Direction that year, they came out with their self-titled debut album that included the super hit “She Looks So Perfect” and changed what boy bands look like.

These four cute dudes gained fans all over the world, singing about young love and their rebellious spirits. In interviews, they were cute and goofy, and it was something different and unique.

Then, their second album “Sounds Good, Feels Good” was released in October 2015, and it didn’t engage fans like the first album. The album only sold 192,000 copies in its first week in the United States, compared to their first album, which sold 259,000 copies in its first week the year before. People, including my friends, slowly stopped listening to their music. As their momentum slowed, it seemed like many people just weren’t fans anymore and 5SOS was just a teenage phase.

Then, the band disappeared for three years to write their third album. They definitely needed that time because their new album “Youngblood” is absolutely amazing. This album is the epitome of evolution. 5SOS went on a new path, and the results are successful.

Starting the album with the title track, “Youngblood” represents a more emotional side of the band. The song talks a lot about letting a significant partner leave the relationship even though they want the relationship to continue. In some recent interviews, they talked about how this song comes from personal experiences from each member of the band.

5SOS is known for their love songs, but this album takes a different turn. It’s all about heartbreak this time. The songs “Want You Back” and “Lie to Me” are examples of that feeling of heartbreak and the turmoil it takes on the band specifically.

Another theme in this album is wasted youth. The guys in this band are all younger than 25, and they’ve had experiences traveling all over the world, partying and living the life. In this album they reflect on all of the time they’ve spent in the celebrity lifestyle and basically ask the question, “Is this all worth it?”

From the song “More:” “Why does it feel like we’re missing out?/ Like I’m standing behind the door/ I just wanna get back to us/ ‘Cause we used to have more.”

Other than the messages in their songs, the beats of their songs have changed, too. In the past, they’ve used mostly bass, guitar and drums, but in this album, they infused more piano and also more electronic beats. Some of their songs, such as “Talk Fast” have an 1980’s pop tone that’s really attractive and intriguing.

This album is a real evolution of the band. Their message has changed since 2013, and it makes sense. They get older, their fans get older, so it’s important that they change. As a 16-year old, I feel a lot of these songs. They represent how I feel about things such as romance and living up to expectations set up for teens by society.

5SOS returned to their roots in this album, and you can really tell.

Jasmine, 16, attends DeKalb Early College Academy and loves 5 Seconds of Summer again.


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