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And so I just want to know if we followed through with all our plans?” 

Above cover art by Laila Thomas, VOX Media Cafe

VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Letter to My Future Self’

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It’s been our dream to become a travel nurse since forever. 

So I wonder…

Did we make it? Are we getting there? I wonder what school we ended up going to, what specialty did you pick?

I know we’ve been interested in pediatrics, or even working in the ICU.

But maybe you have led us in a different direction. 

I wonder about you.

I wonder what mindset you’re currently in.

I wonder if you enjoy the dream…

The dream of working in a hospital, helping, and taking care of all the patients. 

We’ve wanted this for so long. 

And so I just want to know if we followed through with all our plans? 

Did we go to all the internships we planned on going to? 

I stay up at night planning every step of the way…

And so… I dream. 

Laila Thomas, VOX Media Cafe

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comments (3)

  1. Allison

    Beautiful! Keeping dreaming, Laila! You can be whoever you want to be!

  2. Enid Gunn

    Unbelievable, Laila, keep dreaming it will come true… I am sooo proud of you💕💕🎁

  3. Eric

    Love it and love you… You are so dynamic! This poem reminds me of a saying that says self-esteem is the reputation you have with yourself. I’ve learned that when you put God first, you’ll always be proud of yourself. Never stop dreaming.