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VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Cheek to Wind’

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Follow the stream,
Romeo cried,
“O, that I were a glove upon that hand. That I might touch that cheek,”
I need not yearn for this desire,
For I am the hand, glove and cheek,
After the night passes and dawn rises,
Dew hangs in droplets from grass,
I brush them with my finger,
Wet fingertips graze across my cheek,
The wind kisses each molecule,
Unbeknownst to mine self they stream down mine jaw as a line of joyful light rain tears, Free falling adrift cool air; then caught by Queen Mab’s chariot,
As atomies fetch the chariot of dew for their young; a dragonfly zips past mine eyes, For the slightest of moments I can see through the transparent wing,
I turn my gaze upwards when leaves rustle in melodic apprehension of a storm’s coming, Rain drops from above directly into mine eyeline,
Fresh untouched water from the heavens balance on the rim of my eyelids, It loses balance, proceeding to tumble in the procession a tear shall,
Traces left upon mine cheek,
Floating adrift midair,
Falling once more into the chest of Mab’s Chariot,
Atomies so microscopic they stand in the same place,
A herd of atomies gather bearing the chariot forth,
They zip past a line of dandelions,
The puffs carry my attention to two dancing deer,
All eight shiny black hoofs wet with dew,
The puffs halt to a stop when trapped in a spinner’s web,
I’m happily trapped alongside them for a while,
Long until golden hour sets its fiery-footed soul into the bosom of the sky, Have you ever seen white flowers in this golden hour?

The petals are dyed colors new
So new that’ll be a tale for when mine hand is not upon my cheek,
Follow the stream,
Rain falls and melts this experience in dew that’ll stick to the blades of grass, O, that I were a glove upon that hand that I might touch that cheek!

Author’s Note: 

Thank you very much for reading “Cheek to Wind.” This poem was written very spontaneously. I was outside in a friend’s backyard stretching and touching my toes/shoes that were wet from the dew in the grass. When I looked up, there were two deer at the end of the yard. After I saw that, I wanted to write a piece in which the dew or any form of water carried the storyline/viewpoint to what you “so happen” to see. I wanted to capture that everything in this poem was unexpected, yet calmly received. Like when I saw the deer. This poem is also inspired by the 2001 French movie “Amélie” in the light that it is calm and detailed.

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