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VOX Teen Poetry: On Route To You

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My hands wavin’ over puddles of rain,
Grass seeds poppin’ and puffin’ open on my shin, Sneakers slidin against the bumpy wet pavement, Runnin’ so I can make it on time,
Believin’ you’ll be there,
On route to you,
Waitin’ at a standstill cause I went so fast,
In a swipe and a slide I pay my fare,
All aboard-Route-To you,
Was tryin’ to think of something nice to wear, Something good to say, but I don’t wanna think anymore, Starin’ out the movin’ window with music in my ear, Quite a while my eyes been dreamin’ there,
The bus stops for others to board,
Do they know where they’re goin’,
Three different worlds in my head, eyes and ears, Turn off the music and it all syncs up,
Arrivin’ at the transfer point,
The train blows my hair back,
Step on and find a crisp cold bar to grasp,
Passin’ many stops cause I know the way,
Jerkin’ to the movement of the tracks,
So on beat I’m almost dancin’,
Walkin’ on a movin’ platform feels like I’m almost floatin’, I get off at our stop,
The rest of the way’s on foot,
My feet are a percussionist on stairs,
Balancin’ on the escalator,
It’s the night of the tale,
Hair bouncin’ on every step,
Heart beatin’ on every turn,
Waitin’ for you once I’m there,
Wavin’ again,
I like the curves in our smiles under mask,
I like the ripples on the side of his eyes,
I like all the love,
I like huggin’ if it’s OK,
I like the jokes you made,
I like sittin’ side by side and turning to see,
I like when arms brush against each other and you freeze, Arm hairs tickle and thighs touch lightly,
Lookin’ at me sideways when my eyes are forward, Lookin’ at you sideways when your eyes are forward, Wonderin’ if our thoughts match,
But I don’t wanna think anymore
I can feel that you feel it too,
I love our love,
I love the laughter that forces through our noses, I love our familiarity,
I love our commonality,
I love talkin’,
I love friendship,
I love us,
I love our silliness,
The momentum picks up,
The verses are beautiful,
Do you feel it?
Lights flash in our eyes,
Blue, green, red, purple,
Beautifully blinding,
Beautifully awakenin’,
Clappin’ and standin’ in sync
I am happy,
We are happy,
The curves in our masks are back,
The ripples near your eyes,
Laughter through our noses,
Rain falls,
Oh what could make the night more beautiful, My hair sticks to my neck,
Yours to your forehead,
Laughin’ and runin’,
Where do we go?
Droplets hang at the ends,
Mascara runs a stream,
Under shelter; all’s so enjoyable,
Infectious joy is non-stop,
I’m on a high and we’re gonna stay up,
Bendin’ over from laughter,
Puddles holdin’ reflections of eyes smilin’, Why is this so beautiful,
Ridin the route to you on loop.


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