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Lady Gaga Slays in Super Bowl Halftime Show

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The Atlanta Falcons made it to Superbowl LI! Having my favorite singer perform at halftime was the icing on the cake of my hometown making it to Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots at NRG Stadium in Houston. I was so excited to see my girl, Lady Gaga do the halftime performance. I haven’t considered myself a big fan in a while, not since her “Fame Monster” album, but I’ll always love her for her personality.

The performance began with a beautiful rendition of “This Land is Your Land,” with a star-studded Lady Gaga standing in front of a sky full multicolored of stars. Gaga standing in front of the Houston skyline was captivating (even a little breath-taking), but even more captivating was the pop star doing acrobatics, hanging like a puppet from the ceiling a few minutes later.

The special effects were beautiful (the fire was so fitting to Gaga and her personality), and so were the dancers’ costumes.

A lot of people might not agree, but Gaga’s dancing and performance might be the only one in our generation that can rival Beyonce’s. Besides Queen Bey, she’s one of the only performers who can kill a dance routine in heels.

“Just Dance,” my favorite Lady Gaga song, coincidentally was also my favorite performance from her set. The dancing was impeccable and vibrant.

I actually laughed at the fact she didn’t bring Beyoncé out to sing their duet (also a great song), “Telephone.” It would have been awesome to see them do the song together like they did in 2010 when the song first came out — two enigmatic and vivacious female performers in one song. But Lady Gaga deserved this moment to shine without Bey.

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“A Million Reasons” was so beautiful. The fire lights in the background  of  the stadium made this such a peaceful interlude in her vibrant performance. Lady Gaga has such a strong voice and a great vocal range and they were really showcased at this moment. I also really loved the moment when Gaga got up on the piano a little bit. She was just her crazy self.

She also did a flawless job transitioning from set to set naturally. “Bad Romance” was also great and OMG! was my immediate reaction after Gaga threw her microphone and jumped off of the stage! The black man in the black costume dancing next to her in the beginning of the song was everything. I was like, “YESSS, get it boo!”

Besides Gaga, her dancers were everything in this performance. The costumes and dancers’ performance had a sort of drag queen feel to it (it’s Lady Gaga, of course), and the routines were high-energy and flawless.

Throughout her half-time show she looked like she was having so much fun doing it that it made me really happy! She killed it, as I knew she would. It was a classic performance with Lady Gaga rebelliousness and eccentric twist. Hearing her old songs from “Fame Monster” was great. Even if someone was annoyed by the inclusion of her older songs, they would’ve loved the punk rock twist she added.

As for the Atlanta Falcons, I’m super disappointed that they didn’t win. It would’ve meant a lot to our city. I’m still happy that they were even there, though I can’t believe we let the Patriots gain about on us in the second half. Props to Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the rest of the Falcons for a great season.

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Oh, and the actor Geoffrey Rush dressed as Albert Einstein playing “Bad Romance” on the violin in the National Geographic cable network commercial right after the show? It was lit. The best commercial of the night.

Watch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show here.

Miranda is a senior at Duluth High School and is a teen member of VOX’s board of directors.

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