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Happy Halloween: Meet Angelina Small, The Scariest Teen On Instagram

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Angelina Small, also known as @yougoregirl on Instagram, is far from your average 15-year old. She’s a self-taught special effects (SFX) makeup artist who already has music video credits with rappers like Young Thug, and probably the scariest profile on Instagram. Her page has photos of bloody and gore-filled projects galore, and it’s only the beginning for this upcoming makeup artist. I had the opportunity to ask the Dacula High School sophomore a few questions and hear what she has to say about her journey so far.


VOX: How long have you been doing SFX makeup?
Small: About a year.

VOX: What inspired you to get involved with SFX makeup?
Small: Okay, so, well, my dad’s (rapper Scooby Vercetti) music video, we were doing makeup for that, and after doing that, that just got me into (SFX) makeup.

VOX: Have you ventured into doing regular faces or is SFX your go-to?
Small: Special effects is my go-to.


VOX: How long does it usually take for you to make something using SFX makeup?
Small: It depends on what you’re doing, if it’s a scab, it’ll take like 10 minutes, but for full face, it’s about an hour or two.

VOX: What’s your favorite product to use?
Small: Ben Nye. (She mainly uses the brand’s nose and scar wax.)

VOX: What’s the scariest look you’ve ever created?
Small: My smiley face look. [pictured below]


VOX: Have you tried to prank others with your makeup?
Small: I tried with my parents, once.

VOX: What’s your favorite scary movie?
Small: “Sinister,” it gives me nightmares.

VOX: Any tips for those who want to get started with SFX makeup?
Small: Use Vaseline or lotion to blend.


Check out more of her photos and follow her on Instagram to let the pictures do the talking. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired and try some gut-wrenching looks of your own!





Amariyah, 16, is an aspiring makeup artist and was really interested in what Angelina had to say.

Photo: Instagram/Angelina Small

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