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Creators On Youtube That Feed Your Soul

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Everything you take in consciously or subconsciously affects your day, your emotions, and your outlook on life. The smallest comment can affect you for a lifetime, which is why your soul deserves to be fed information that makes it glow. This can be thought-provoking information, spiritual information, or just information that provides positive energy overall. These young creators have provided me with it all. They have shown what it means to be a “Lukewarm” Christian, or a college student in debt, or a young adult trying to find themselves spiritually. YouTube is a huge platform with so much information, but artists like this can sometimes be hard to find, so here are some artists who have fed my soul with some of the best energy. 

Montell Fish

From his video content to his songs on Spotify, Montell Fish has helped me grow in so many ways. He has changed my outlook on situations spiritually but has also provided me with new thoughts mentally. Fish is an uplifting Christian artist who explores the ideas of love, heartbreak, rejection, and more. With these perspectives, he pushes his listeners to find comfort in God and understanding that everything really happens for a reason. Sometimes we can feel like we are the only ones going through our situation or sometimes we may need reminders that better days are coming. Fish provides that by capturing beautiful videography on Youtube and sentimental lyrical songs on Spotify and/Apple music. Fish has provided a safe space, a space where you can praise God, a space where you can let out emotions, but also a space where you can rebuild even stronger as well. 

Eric Herbert 

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Eric Herbert is a creator with a good pool of different videos on his channel. The ones that have stood out the most to me have been his vlogs where he brings his subscribers through his growth as a maturing young adult. He walks his subscribers through his realizations, one being not living for others but living for yourself. He shows that it’s OK to not have every aspect of your life planned out and it’s OK if your life takes a turn in a direction you didn’t plan. Through his personal motto of “Ambition,” he pushes and inspires me to keep going even when I’m confused and lost. But most importantly he reminded me to live the life that makes me the happiest and that it’s okay to outgrow things and pivot in a different direction. 


Savian is a positive creator who shares parts of her personal and spiritual life. Specifically her Bible study videos have helped me the most. Honestly, it’s crazy because it seems like they are posted at the right time every time I need them. Savian creates a space for like-minded spiritual people to give testimonials and feel free for a minute.  Savian’s personality shines through in each one of her Bible studies which makes it easy to listen to and feel comfortable in. Although you’re just listening to her speak and watching other subscribers comment to the side, it’s worth the watch. 

Kai Foster

Kai Foster is someone I’ve seen grow a lot. From her being a student at Howard University, to realizing that college isn’t the space for her, to seeing her content change to addressing subjective societal norms that needed to be discussed, I couldn’t recommend someone better. She is a creator that doesn’t hide or try to fake it at all. She’s her, and that makes her one of the best content creators I’ve ever watched. Kai discusses aspects of mental health, feeling lost and stuck, colorism, dating outside of your race, sexual assault, and so many other important things. Kai is a creator that doesn’t mind showing you her highs and lows, she’s also allowed me to see that it’s OK not to be OK sometimes and that perfectionism isn’t something I have to search for and reach.

Collectively these creators have helped me grow in so many ways. They are some brilliant people who may positively affect your life too. Timing is everything, and I have noticed that these creators never fail to come though every time I need content to feed my soul. Listen to any of them and let them resonate with whatever you need or want to, you never know how it may help you in the future. 

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