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“Whether you consider yourself artsy or not, there’s no better time to explore different hobbies than when stuck in your house, trying to get away from your family,” says VOX ATL’s Sophie James.

Illustration by Sophie James

VOX 5: Creative Things To Do When Self-Quarantined

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With the United States being declared in a state of emergency, many people are self-quarantining to ensure public health and safety. Although this seems like our best option at this point, quarantining can get old fast. In an attempt to keep myself and hopefully some of you sane, here’s a list of five creative things you can do from the comfort of your own bubble. 

It’s a great time to hone your craft

Whether you consider yourself artsy or not, there’s no better time to explore different hobbies than when stuck in your house, trying to get away from your family. If you enjoy painting or drawing but have covered every canvas and can’t even look at any more brushes, try taking up something new like embroidery or sewing. Picking up something productive like a different artform can be refreshing and a good way to pass time. And, if you start painting clothes or embroidering, when you go back to school you will have different clothes than everyone else. That’s one way to come back with a bang! Or sew your pets some cute bowties if that’s more your vibe.

Even those of us who aren’t the most traditionally artsy can be creative

One way I’ve been keeping my mind off of things and still staying connected to my friends is through music. Listening to new (or even old, nostalgic) music is a great way to keep yourself inspired through this weird time. Making playlists and swapping with your friends is a fun way to stay in touch while keeping your distance. You might discover a new artist or band and find some more things you and your friends have in common. Also, making music is another great outlet, whether you have instruments at your disposal or maybe just Garageband or Logic, making music is always a good time.

Creative writing and poetry

You may have to stay inside for a while, but you can go anywhere you want in your imagination and what better time to let it run free then while chilling at home with nothing else to do? Writing is a great tool to get caught up in your own little world in the best way. Channeling your inner poet or even songwriter could also be a fun new hobby to explore and get out all your excitement for a little break from school, disappointment from things getting canceled, or just pure confusion for the whirlwind going on around us.

Rearrange your room

Keeping your space fresh and different can be important in making sure you don’t feel too confined or stuck there. A little redesigning and cleaning can help focus your mind and give some you some structure that might have been taken away recently. Plus, every time I deep clean my room I find something from five years ago, like some Pokemon cards or my old Nintendo DS that end up entertaining me for hours.

Dye your hair

There’s a good chance you’ve been thinking about it. Plus, if you do dye your hair and looks bad, you’re stuck in your house anyway. Is there going to be a better time to experiment with your appearance? But if dying your hair isn’t your thing, trying to put together some new outfits or doing something different with your hair/makeup are still good ways to switch things up!

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