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Back-To-School Shopping Fashion Tips

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Going back to school, in my opinion, is another way to reinvent your style and update your fashions. For Atlanta teens, that time is approximately three weeks away, and I am here to help. Here are my top five fashion tips for back to school shopping that will help get you through school:

  1. Before you go shopping, always know your budget. With sales, clearance racks, and store updates, there is never a reason to overspend. Personally, I love to check out the apps Shopular and RetailMeNot. If the location setting on your phone is on , sales near you will constantly pop up, and I can personally attest to the fact that it is a money saver.
  2. If your school is anything like mine, there are school guidelines which you have to abide by. Please know those rules before you decide to go buy anything that may be seen as too revealing.
  3. BUY FOR THE LONG RUN! I am definitely into sales, but I am also very much into quality. The better the quality of specific clothes, the longer it tends to last. Not just in quality but also in style. It will forever be easy to buy things like camis, plain t-shirts, and bare jeans because all of these things can either be dressed up or dressed down.
  4. Ladies, remember to get a cute yet simple jacket that will match with most of your clothes and will stretch a long way for those cold days in class. Or even for the simplicity of fashion — a simple jacket or cardigan can allow you to achieve so many versatile outfits.
  5. Stay comfortable and be true to yourself. School shouldn’t be a place where you have to wear the latest thing that came off the runway but a place for you to wear cute clothes that make you feel comfortable while you choose to work.

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