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Savvy Ways to Save

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This summer has proved to be challenging. Not because I have my senior year to think about, but because of money. It is so hard to save it and not spend it. I personally don’t like spending my own money, but when I see something I really like, it’s hard to resist. And don’t get me started on food.

There is nothing wrong with spending money, but when you start seeing your bank account dwindle or your cash quickly being used, it’s time to re-think how you spend your money. Here are some tips I use to help me better save my money. Hopefully, they’ll come in handy for you when budgeting.

1. Save your loose change

Almost every time I purchase something, I end up with loose change. One way I save is to keep my loose change. I made up my own system of saving special quarters and pennies but keeping dimes and nickels on me if I didn’t have change. This system may seem weird to you, but it helps. I encourage you to create your own system.

2. Use discounts and coupons

Most of your favorite stores have these. You just have to know when and where to look. Signing up to receive emails from you favorite stores will keep you updated on sales. There are also websites and apps (I highly recommend Groupon) to find deals.

3. Clearance

This is also another way to save big and still get what you want. The changing of the seasons is when all merchandise from the previous season goes on clearance racks. You may not be able to wear or use the items you get until that season rolls back around, but when it gets here, you’ll be ready. Best of all, you can save your money then!

4. Make your own food

Buying lunch everyday is one surefire way to spend all of your money. An effective way to save and still enjoy lunch is to make your own at home. You could also treat yourself to buying lunch every other day or buy food on Fridays (Fun Friday!).

5. Budget

If you get paid or receive an annual allowance, budget it. You know how much you get so figure out how much you’ll spend and how much you’ll save. Planning this will ensure that you do not overspend. You will also have money saved up in case of an emergency.

Learning these habits now will help you in the future when you get money regularly and you are being wonderfully independent. Saving now will save you later.

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