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It’s Always Windy In The Morning — An Atlanta Word Works Original

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Atlanta WordWorks Wednesday #ATLWWW

Weekly poems from your Team Atlanta representatives of Brave New Voices 2017

Tia, 16, may be the youngest member of AWW’s Team Atlanta this summer, but don’t let her age fool you. With a pen graced with cocoa butter, abundant metaphors and a genuine raw soul, Tia’s words and wisdom of self supersede her years, and we cannot wait what will come from her this season.

Read her poem below.


“It’s Always Windy In The Morning”

Cold breezes whistle through falling pine needles

It’s always windy in the morning

Sunrise resting on arch of her eyebrow

Crimson lips, nervously bitten

Broken lips, torn skin

Her cotton hair a funeral black

Tight curls barely blowing

Aching knees, wind whipping between her joints

She knows the walk is long

And she knows the sidewalk ends

The soles of her feet will press into an unfriendly pavement

Broken glass slashing her toes

Swollen ankles sinking into her heels

She knows the walk is tedious

And she watches the wind tug at the stem of reluctant flower petals

Her shoeshine colored skin is thin

And the wind is penetrating

The whites of her eyes soaking in tears that will dry before they leave the sockets

The wind will not let you cry

You are not allowed to feel the sharpness of the breeze

Tearing at her shadow colored ears

The palms of her hands clasped together in self promise

The wind gusts are strong

And the walk is longer than a million blood soaked trails

It is always windy in the morning

Warm breezes are not for these times

Summertime sunshine isn’t for these times

Dusk is followed by another dawn

In the middle of the night we find the end.

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Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival is an annual slam poetry competition for poets ages 13 to 19. This year the festival will convene in the Bay Area, California, July 19-22.

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