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Why Aren’t We Talking About Oversharing On Social Media? [VIDEO]

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Social media can be a safe place for us, but feeling too comfortable can cause us to overshare. We face this problem because maybe there isn’t someone to talk to, or we simply feel like sharing would be beneficial. But keep in mind, safety should still be at the top of our lives. When I look back, I regret oversharing online, but one thing every social media user knows is that what you post really never goes away. Like if you have ever had an old TikTok account like me, you’d probably regret posting half of the things that you did.

When we are angry, sad, or even feeling any type of emotion, we usually want an outlet to vent to, and that is okay. Venting is getting your feelings out to someone you trust, while oversharing is saying things you didn’t mean to say, which people could use against you. Here, metro Atlanta teens answer the question: “What’s one thing you shouldn’t post on social media.”

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  1. Jada

    This is so true! Thanks for spreading awareness!!

  2. Lauren Bonelli

    I am so proud of you! You handled the topic in such a mature and phenomenal manner! I am looking forward to more of your spectacular accomplishments! Lots of love always,❤️Grandma

  3. Shainee

    This is so good! You did such a great job! Beyond proud of you!! 🙂