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VOX ATL x Silence the Shame: Self-Love in the Age of Social Media [podcast]

Co-hosted by VOX ATL and Silence the Shame, 10 teens came together this summer to learn about podcasting and to discuss their experiences and observations on how social media affects how we see and feel about ourselves.

“ … when you’re cognizant of the idea that there’s a difference between real life and false reality, I think it’s a good time for you to get social media…”

Teens also shared their strategies for self-love and mental health care.

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“It’s complicated.” A phrase that everyone has heard before. Whether you are talking, dating, in a situationship, or just plain confused, all the different terms can often get confused. But two terms that spark the most debate seem to be “talking” and “dating.” Many question if there is a difference or are we just complicating…

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“What Was the Reason” EP. 2: Elon Musk vs Twitter [AUDIO]

“What Was the Reason” is a podcast focused on random things in the news to help teens better understand the things that are going on around them and how they may even affect them. It’s also just to give teens a little more insight on things they may see in the media.

In this episode of “What Was the Reason” your host Paige breaks down what’s been going on between billionaire Elon Musk and his on-again, off-again purchase of social media platform Twitter.