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Why Are You Crying? [Poetry]

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Why are You Crying?

Why are you crying

You have a good life

good relationships

You are a privileged young girl

On paper nothing is truly wrong with you

So why are you crying


You cry so often

Tears seem to engulf you 

like the tide on a full moon

Emotions drifting in and out

Shifting hundreds of tiny grains of sand 

But never enough to move a shell


Heavy waves crashing against the shore

White noise to all that you feel

muting the feelings you’re pleading to hear

Because you’re sick of knowing somethings close

knowing that your “breaking point” near


Honestly, your tears mean nothing to me

They aren’t the type that weigh you down

Make it hard to breathe

The ones that make your body, head, and chest heavy

The ones that make your heart weak


They are nothing but water and salt

A mere saline solution

Burning your scars

Coming down rapidly one after the other


They hold no recognizable emotion

They’re not sad tears

You’re not mad

No one has harmed you

You’re numb

And your tears fall for no rhyme or reason

So why won’t you stop?


You can cry with a smile on your face

Or in the dark with your eyes closed

Muting your sobs praying that no one comes to check on you

Why don’t you want anyone to come check on you?

At least that would make the tears stop 

Because you would rather die then cry in front of someone

But why?


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Is it Weakness?

Do you see your tears as weakness?

Do you believe that they hold you back?

Chain you to the ground

Lock you in a cage

And throw away the key

That they have kidnapped you 

and you have no chance of being found

Yet you still won’t stop crying


The cold water from the shores of your heart 

Have begin to wash your mental away

But have you ever seen a sea with scars?

It always seems like the sand and shells end up shifting back into place

Like a silent death

No visual difference

But under the water you’re fighting against the current


You cry… 

a lot

And you are not ok 


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