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Which Gaming Experience is Better: Computer or Console? [OPINION]

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Personal computer (PC) gaming is a lot better than console gaming. We have lots of games to choose from, we can multitask while we play, and it’s a portable device. These things make computers way better for gaming, although console games are a bit more fun. Computers allow us to change or modify the game to our own discretion.

First of all, let’s cover the graphics. Graphics are the assets or effects in the game that make the game look cool. Between computer and console, graphics show a massive difference. How are you supposed to enjoy the game if you can’t even see the graphics? This is where the computer comes in to help. On a console, graphics are very limited while PC has almost every graphics setting you can think of. 

According to a May 2023 Sacramento Bee article, PCs can give higher graphic performances than consoles due to their more powerful hardware and a larger library of optimized games for different resolutions or framerates. This makes PC gaming a much better choice for playing graphic-intensive games like Grand Theft Auto than on consoles. Computers allow you to change the looks of the game however you want, while the console doesn’t have the ability to change the looks at all.

Second, on any computer, we can access the web and search anything we want. This allows us to search for games we want or have heard about. Consoles have a very limited library of games that are only allowed to be played on your console. Games such as God of War, Super Mario Odyssey, Final Fantasy, etc. are all are limited to consoles. However, a computer doesn’t have any limitations to finding games. You could play Fortnite, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto, Madden, NBA 2K — almost every game! This makes PC gaming a better option.

Third, when you’re playing games and you want to listen to music or watch a video, you can go onto websites on the computer and listen to your favorite songs. On the other hand, consoles don’t have the option to multi-task, and that can be annoying. On a computer, you can go to YouTube or Spotify on your browser to do anything. You can even do school work like math or science, etc. For example, you can listen to Lil Uzi Vert while you’re playing Roblox and doing math homework on one device. Since you can’t go on to YouTube or Spotify while playing the game on console, you are instead forced to go on another device, and that can be too much.

Lastly, if you are going on the road for a trip and you are bored, console gaming will be unable to fulfill your boredom. However, PC gaming can! Some computers are portable, like laptops at Target or Best Buy, and you can use them without a charger. On the other hand, when you take out the plug for the console, it just turns off. Since it can’t be played when it’s off, you just have to sit in the car, waiting.

Despite the features the console doesn’t have, consoles do have a better gaming experience than computers. CJ Peters, the CEO and founder of Konsole Kingz, says, “I choose the console over the PC because the PC has to constantly be upgraded.”

Peters also says, “They’re always making a game that needs this process or ‘this, this, this, this, this,’ and before you know it, you’re gonna spend like $5,000 on that PC while I can just get a modern console like a PlayStation 5 that’s already got all the parts I need to.” He adds that computers don’t give great realistic simulation of movement in games like consoles do.

CJ Peters makes a great point, but I disagree because computers don’t need to get upgrades in order to be functional. The upgrades can grant you a better PC gaming experience, but it’s not mandatory. Furthermore, the updates on the PC are the same as on the console; they are just the system updates. Additionally, I feel I wouldn’t have a fun experience on a console if I used a joystick instead of a mouse because with a controller, it doesn’t give you full control of the movement. On the other hand, PCs use a mouse or touchpad, where you can fully control in-game motion.

In the end, I think that PC gaming is a way better experience than console gaming. Computers can multitask, access the web, and are portable. Even if you play or finish the game and get bored, you have the ability to modify the game however you want! This just goes to show the many features you can use when gaming on a PC. There are plenty more — I just named a few. I hope this helps you when buying your next gaming system, because it definitely helped me.

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