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Childhood Nostalgia: Creating Satisfaction with Life [VIDEO]

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There are many explorations of the positive and negative aspects nostalgia brings. Teens and adults alike have experienced this mixed emotion as reflecting on the past can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. Therefore, does it benefit them? How can nostalgia be used to create satisfaction with life and hopefulness for the future? This video hopes to help with just that.

Childhood Nostalgia: Creating Satisfaction With Life

What if I told you

I could give you a one-way ticket 

To no more worries

A fantasied state of innocence

That lessens the stress and anxiety

The feeling of endless fun under a glistening sun

You can go back and chase your childhood
Just like you chased the ice cream man

Or maybe you can take a trip to the clouds

When you launched on the rocketing swing sets

At recess on the playground

Far, far away into the sky

Far away from your fears

As the fresh scent of the air holds you close

And as tight as you once held your teddy bear

Or as tight as you held the handlebars

When you raced your bicycle down the hill

With no concern if you were going to fall

When nothing was overwhelming at all

Would you rather go back

With the continued feeling of a longing for your past

Or if you would prefer only a glimpse

I might have another fix


What if I told you

I could give you a two-way ticket 

To a few worries

But an eventual cure for them all

This time if you tried to ride your bicycle

You might fall

Or maybe your sweet ice cream

Will be all gone

Some days you’ll feel down

Because the good old days are no longer around

You’re not guaranteed to always understand

But by the next day

You’ll keep on pushing forward

While all sorts of responsibilities 

And new, uncertain things

Tag along the way

They may not be as fun as your old

Toys and games

Or entertaining as the fame

Your childhood shows have gained

But maybe you’ll find excitement


In this new adventure 

Each day is like a new chapter

You have to pay attention a little more

Then you had to before

But this ticket lets you reminisce 

On your past

All while not allowing you to miss out

On your future

With this destination

You get some different forms of transportation

But they’re all headed in the same direction

Because a two-way ticket

Allows you to reflect on what was

While still being excited for what may be

That’s what childhood nostalgia brings

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