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“This movie is all about being true to yourself,” says VOX ATL writer Zakai. “But do these problems relate to every tall girl?”

What Do Real-Life ‘Tall Girls’ Think of the New Netflix Movie?

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In September, Netflix started streaming the new Netflix original movie “Tall Girl.” This heartwarming feature focuses on Jodi, a  6’1, 16-year-old attending high school. If you haven’t already guessed, Jodi (portrayed by actress Ava Michelle) is the tallest girl in her school. This comes with its own unique problems, as she is constantly ridiculed for this.

This movie is all about being true to yourself, but do these problems relate to every tall girl? Throughout the movie, Jodi cites being tall as this large scale problem, but in reality, it’s not always so. She describes a feeling of alienation, but this is not always a recurring dilemma in the real world.

To get a better perspective, I decided to see how some tall girls look down on the situation. Carver Early College student Laila Carter, who is 15, and 5’10″ says, “I like being tall. I’ve been tall all my life. I’m different, and some people can’t reach.”

According to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average height for women in the U.S is five feet and four inches. But it seems like the predicaments presented in “Tall Girl” are not how most above average height females feel. When asked about her height, Carver Early College student Alivia Carter, 15, and 5’10” said, “I’m just used to it. I’ve been tall all my life and I just don’t think about it.”

But in “Tall Girl,” all Jodi could think about was how others saw her and her height. Though there are indeed some tall girls who are picked on for their height, many others see it as an asset.

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Frederick Douglass High student Sherlita Dewese, 15, who is 5’9” says, “I feel pretty OK about it. Being at this height has its ups and downs but there are pretty good perks.” When asked how it positively or negatively impacts her life, Deese said, “Both. I’ve been told I’m tall too many times and it’s getting annoying. There are a lot of short people which is, oddly, weird. I’m often shined on my height in the sports industry, which I love. And my height gives me better access to things.”

So here we see that Jodi is not a representation for all tall girls. Every girl has their own experience when it comes to being tall, and no one exact depiction is enough to measure up to each experience.

Therefore, Jodi’s experience might be a small piece of a tall tale.

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