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VOXCast: Redlining to Religion – Are Atlanta’s Schools Really Equal? [AUDIO]

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For this semester’s VOX Investigates issue, our group of teen reporters will be tackling “Equity in Education.” To kick things off, VOXers Aidan, Christina, Kai, Kayden and Tiffany discussed some of the inequities they’ve witnessed themselves in the Atlanta school system.

For instance, Tiffany, who goes to school in Clayton County spoke on how their 2008 discrediting still impacts school quality to this day. Aidan voiced his thoughts on how teachers are now focused on teaching the masses how to take tests instead of how to flourish in actual classes.

“Students aren’t learning, they are just memorizing,” said Kai when talking about some of the teaching methods he’s seen. “Memorization is one of the lowest forms of learning, because you’re not fully comprehending what you are being taught, you’re just remembering the answer to the question. If you don’t actually know, you cant actually apply it to anything going forth.”

The VOXers also discussed how redlining and religion can play a role in the quality a student may receive as well. Take a listen and share.

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