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VOX Teen Poetry: “Suburbia”

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I live in a small town

Where standing out is uncommon

Sometimes not even safe

There are always parking spaces

Yet there’s not always room for love

Everything is far away

Like acceptance for the unique

Massive homes always feel empty

And the tiny ones feel suffocating

Teen raggers are a thing

Where they get wasted beyond their dreams

I always wonder why

Is it for fun or to fit in to feel safe?

Some do it because this small town, despite its size is difficult to bear

Fitting in constantly so no one will stare

Everything is so slow

Most things feel still

Like time froze and we are stuck in places we don’t need

It’s a pill not all of us can swallow

I guess that’s why these streets always feel so hallow

I can’t wait to leave so I can finally be me

Dannaly Rodriguez, 17, attends Collins Hill High School. She doesn’t have a favorite color.

Photo above taken by Dannaly Rodriguez/VOX staff

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