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Artwork by Alexis Muoka, VOX ATL teen staff

VOX Teen Poetry: Pretty When You Cry

by share

Beauty, I’ve learned, must never be rushed
Nine months are required, at least
Beauty can’t be bought, no matter what is said or seen
For then, beauty becomes a replica of something else

And wonder is the root of beauty; effortlessness is its voice
Some people are blessed with the gift of beauty from the moments of their first breath
They often lose at least a little bit after some time

I used to think that all the most beautiful people in the world had the same concept to them
But the best part about someone’s beauty is that you don’t know what it is that’s making them look that way
That’s making you feel that way about the way they look

Often, people mistake sadness as a blockage to beauty
But people look pretty when they cry for a reason
There’s a reason the most gruesome performances in film are the ones that win awards
The key to beauty is simple

Some of us look a little more alive than others.

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