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Above artwork by Aidan Ventimiglia, VOX Teen Staff

VOX Teen Poetry: Making a House a Home

by share

I said goodbye to my family,
I said goodbye to my dog,
I said goodbye to the home
I once was a part of

A house or a home
a single place to stay,
the perfect place to rest
after a long and weary day

It is time to build
It is time to craft what is mine
see the hanging fairy lights
pretty sparks of yellow that shine

There are four small walls
so blank and bare
There are four small walls
and a roommate to share

I hang the photos,
I hammer them in,
I see them and
think of all the places I’ve been

In this new place,
a slate wiped clean,
in this new place,
to new beginnings.

I’ll make the bed,
It’s a dreaded task,
but I’ll make my grandma proud
still, I’ll save it for last.

I carry the plants in,
one by one,
to their home by the window,
by the rays of the sun

I look out at my lights,
my photos, my plants,
I breathe out and relax,
a slice of home I see is what I brought back.


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