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Above artwork by Kalea Fresh, 15, Parkview High School, @le4h.creates_ on Instagram

VOX Teen Poetry: I Want to Express Me

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I want to express me.

I want my potential to tower as high as a tree, 

To give me the power to overcome all adversity, 

I want to express me.

I wish they all would see me as a person of potential and not when I’m gone just another movement to take another knee,

Wouldn’t you agree?

I want to express me.

With my words I ask why won’t they let me and my people be?
Why won’t they just let us be free?

I just want to express me.

If you allow us to stand as a people, we won’t revolt I guarantee, 

But we’re inferior brutes and murderers, or so you decree.

I just want to express me.

We just want to be free, it won’t cost you a fee, 

If you give us opportunity, we won’t turn into snobby bourgeoisie,

I just want to express me.

No matter how much you may disagree, 

My people won’t just stand by, being absentee. 

So for now, this poem was just to express me. 



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