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Artwork by Hananya Allen, VOX Teen Staff

VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Free Refill’

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Free Refill

Rain down into my cup,
Fill it up with inspiration,
Looking up to you from here,
Like a beacon in the sky,
You sit on top the clouds in your denim jeans,
Your sneaker’s outsole hanging from the cotton candy clouds,
Swinging your feet,
I watch you take your finger and etch words into the sky,
Your font comes out as puffy jet fumes,
I read the words “Seize the day,”
Before I’m on my way I let some of the puffy words drip off into my cup,
Topped off with whipped cream you toss a cherry on top,
Kicking your feet you wink and salute me off,
Right back to ya,
Sipping from my cup all day,
Left with a milky mustache,
Looking up to you from here,
You sit on the same sapphire and rose quartz cloud,
But you follow me like the moon,
When I feel challenged in the day I feel you throwing a shower of cherries on my back,
In blood cherry red the pavement is splashed in the words “Seize the day,”
I step in it and my outsoles are permanently dyed red,
I’m followed by my cherry red footprints that fall behind me as I’m on my way to you,
Like the moon,
You follow my red print road,
Sucking what’s left in the straw,
Licking the residue that’s trapped at the bottom,
You sway your feet and drop rainbow sprinkles,
A little dance in in my step because I’m sugar high,
I step on the sprinkles and they turn to powder,
The powder fogs up in the sunset dyed air,
I blow the powder fog to clear my way,
It congregates with the mist in the air and forms the words “I’m proud of you,”
The powder fog turns into hard candy,
I take the “P” in my hands,
I take a big bite out of it,
I walk a full circle and now somehow you’re in front of me, above, up on the cloud,
Looking up to your outsole,
You’re swaying your feet,
The jet puff words now reflect the cherry red ones,
You smile and salute me,
I break the “P” in half and toss you up a piece,

It flies a few hundred feet in the sky,
Until it lands in your hand with some sort of magnetic force,
Taking bites together,
I hold my cup up to the sky with the dome lid off,
“Can I get a free refill?”
You fill my cup up the brim,
Whipped cream, cherry, and all,
You look down to me, wink, and salute,
I do the same,
A jet whizzes past and wipes the jet puff words out of the sky,
It splashes down on the pavement with the cherry red words,
Swirling together to make a strawberry shortcake road home.

Author’s note:
Thank you so so much for reading “Free Refill.” This piece is all about having a source of
inspiration/ someone or something to look up to. The person who sits on the clouds is someone that the main focus character looks up to/ draws inspiration from. The cup is the main character’s way of receiving that inspiration or encouragement.


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