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Artwork by Hananya Allen, VOX Teen Staff


VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Credits’

by share

He’s amazing,
I’m in awe,
He makes me smile,
No it’s not that kind of love,
I wonder if I’m anything like that?
Eyes piercing into me but not the camera,
I’m transported to new found lands,
Where am I?
She sang a tune that matched the mood,
He yells and I’m back in the scene,
Surround sound welcomes my chills,
All sitting in rows of darkness,
But there’s one square that draws all of the focus,
I’m shocked when I see my face,
Perhaps I am like him,
But maybe he’s like me,
I’ve seen a lot on top of this stage,
But sometimes I’m on it and other times I’m off,
This time I’m off, looking to myself on top,
What sort of alternate reality is this?
We began with words on a page,
With fiery passion we burnt the page,
Did it then rise from the living to create something new?
How can the past invigorate me so?
How delightful it is to hear a story,
I’ve heard it a million times but this time it’s different,
My imagination in front of my eyes,
I’m keeping up with the speed,
The lights, the camera, the action,
The credits roll and I see many familiar names,
But one of them is my own,
I blink twice,
And see: Hananya Allen,
I can’t keep up,
I smile,
How did that get there?
In this magic moment,
Everyone applauds.

Author’s Note: Thank you for reading “Credits”. I wrote this piece the night of my first movie premiere. I helped write the film and I acted in it. It was my first time seeing the finished production. Watching the film was an extremely surreal moment. I was able to share it with my mom and all of the creatives that made it happen. I was so caught up in the film, that when it ended and I saw my name in the credits, it was shocking.



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