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Illustration by Asia Rodney-Collins

VOX Teen Poetry: Colors

by share

the most revolutionary act
i’ve ever committed
was love
for myself
in a world that
has destroyed
black girls like me
for eons,

the best thing about a coloring book
is all of the colors
​white, blue, black and yellow
and without a color, the picture would be incomplete

when did one color become less valuable than another?
beautiful black skin coated in red
red as the crimson drips after picking up pieces of shattered glass
and that’s the wrong color
outside of the lines something isn’t right

sticks and stones
will break bones
and a knee will take a life

tear gas and barricades
will need first aids
and rubber bullets will take eyes

signs and chants
dismissed as rants
and a point that will keep being missed
again and again and again

the best thing about a rainbow
is not the treasure at the end
but the colors uniting when the war begins between the sun and the rain
and that’s what makes the difference
with strength but also weakness

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comments (1)

  1. Kanini Rodney-Phillips

    Bravo Asia! Keep writing and giving voice to your feelings, perspective and truth. I am so proud of you, my daughter/niece.