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Art by James Rhee

VOX Teen Poetry: “But That’s OK”

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We often are too focused on our goals of life whether it be wealth, academics, fame, etc., to take time to think of ourselves. In our current generation as a young teen, many aspects of our lives are very fast-paced, and we are too wound up in what society expects from us that we often forget to take care of our mental health. 

As someone who has dealt with the pressure of others and even myself of what I expect of myself, I realize that it’s ok to sometimes not be the “best” at something. By being so focused on our fast-paced lives, our mental health is not always a priority, but taking some time to take care of your mental health helps prepare you for whatever life throws at you. 

Learning to truly understand failure and losing is a part of life. Getting back up after healing, is truly whether you succeed or not. Through experience, I learned to accept my outcome (not saying that I’ve learned to give up or not try) and say to myself, “but that’s ok.”  

But That’s OK

Number one, that’s the goal
No obstacle the world throws at me will stray me from my goal

With perfect tunnel vision and relentless effort, I strive for success
These scars and bruises along the way are too minute for me to collect –

My thoughts and emotions for myself.
I push forward while shoving everything else on the bottom shelf

Finally reaching the top, it’s a struggle to maintain
The successful composure, oh it’s such a drain

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Institutionalized schedules and structures erode my spirit
The faint voice that screams help, but I don’t want to hear it

The toll is too much, so I start to pretend
But eventually everything must come to an end

My dynasty of reign has come to an end
I realize my only choice is to rest and give time to mend

It’s a race for the top, everyone else surpasses me
No one ever stops to give me some empathy

I know I’m not first and it puts me in agony
But I look where I’m at and think to myself, “is this really where I want to be?”

Too busy chasing someone else’s dream
I’m clueless of my own

I know I’m not first
But that’s ok.

Took time for myself and know I am enough
My path for my future has just now begun

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