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Art and poem by Asia Rodney-Collins

VOX Teen Poetry: “Brain Power”

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you worshipped a divine being of which you didn’t have the foggiest idea

loathed a fallen angel you’d never met

longed for the ceiling that escaped you

strolled the way you had never minded

asked a spirit you won’t ever accept

adored somebody who detested you

envisioned a fantasy however unattainable

wanted for something you would never know

raised a glass, that consistently rested empty

what could be fabricated in secret exhibit a genuine blame

its signs presently lost

all considerations untalented

fixed a machine gear-piece in an empty wheel

looked for a heart you’ll never know

fastened a hand that couldn’t feel

made a guarantee that had failed to remember you

waited for seasons that won’t ever pass

an evening and day that won’t ever come

time is battling, a wrecked room

failed to remember recollections past but to shape

cast a look, that couldn’t see

what your identity was

what’s more, who you’ll never be

heard a tune yet quietly

its notes presently lost

both tied yet free

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About Asia Rodney-Collins

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Asia, 13, is a student at Emma Willard School. She is a poet, writer, and creative, who spent time using her experiences to advocate for minority groups. Among other interests...

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