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“If you’re a sucker for cloying, romantic love tales, then ‘Finding You’ needs to be on your watchlist,” writes VOX film reviewer Reagan Horne, 16.


[Review] The Cliched But Scenic ‘Finding You’ Offers a Romantic Summer Getaway

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Witnessing a love story unfold is a great feeling. Being brought back to my childhood during the recent advance virtual press screening of “Finding You” reminded me of the feelings I had when watching similar plots like Disney’s “ Starstruck.” Although it’s not an entirely bad thing, “Finding You” is definitely a cliche. 

However, the film, which debuted in theaters May 14, takes on its own sense of adventure in the incredibly beautiful Ireland-set love story. If you’re a sucker for cloying, romantic love tales, then “Finding You” needs to be on your watchlist. 

The film stars Jedidiah Goodacre (“Descendants,” “The Originals”) and Rose Reid (“The World We Make”) as Beckett Rush and Finley Sinclair, respectively. We first meet Finley, a passionate violinist who’s reached a low point in her life. A tragedy motivates a decision to study abroad in Ireland. The trip ironically lands her in first class next to Beckett Rush, the celebrity bad boy with a sweet smile and the Jon Snow of his fanbase. Beckett is famous for his medieval saga film series, which quickly catches Finley’s eye as she realizes why he is so familiar. Beckett is immediately mesmerized by this not-so-ordinary woman.

Luckily the entire movie doesn’t revolve around the cliche of a summer fling. The film also tells the story of an unlikely friendship that forms between Finley and Mrs.Sweeney (played by multi-award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave), a moody senior woman who Finley is assigned to during her study abroad program.

The forced relationship between Finley and Mrs. Sweeney generates heartfelt emotion on-screen. The heroic Finley brings a source of happiness for the lonely elder. Scenes between the pair show one another’s stubbornness and conflict throughout their time together. It felt nice seeing a relationship such as Mrs. Sweeney and Finley because I could relate to it on a personal level. It’s very sweet and touching to see someone who was as lonely as Mrs. Sweeney, find a comforting friend. 

Going back to the luxurious summer-long tour guide, the adorable actor and inspiring violinist, roam the little town in Ireland. However, in Beckett and Finley’s shared bed and breakfast, the two share a more tender moment. One sympathetic scene between Finley and Beckett is a conversation revolving around her brother and how hard it’s been for him on the set of his latest movie. Watching two strangers talk about sentimental struggles of their lives was quite cringeworthy, but sweet at the same time. 

One would think someone as cocky and charming would be a cringeworthy character. But Goodacre gives Beckett a soft side that rounds out the character’s bad boy public persona — an actor trapped inside a lucrative fantasy movie franchise. Furthermore, Beckett’s acting on set of the Walmart version of “Game of Thrones” is a great laugh out loud moment for all the wrong reasons. 

“Finding You” isn’t the best movie ever, but it definitely wasn’t terrible either. This movie is a must-see for people who enjoy watching chick flicks. Written and directed by Brian Baugh, “Finding You ” is an romance/drama debut in partnership with Nook Lane Entertainment, Red Sky Studios and MK1 Productions. 

The film’s adventurous journey, filled with aesthetic landscapes and beautiful storylines, is all well worth watching. If you’re looking for a romantic film with scenic views, a few good laughs and something to warm your heart, “Finding You” is worth discovering.


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