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VMC Reports: Thrifting — Balling on a Budget

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Thrifting has become the latest fashion trend, a new way for people to express themselves through their wardrobe. This expression manifests itself through unique and crafty stores that provide the public with one-of-a-kind styles that can not be found in mainstream retail stores. But what is “thrifting,” you ask?

Thrifting is a shopping adventure. The lure of thrifting is the hunt and the excitement of finding that perfect item. By using your creativity and style to put together pieces of clothing, you can make your whole outfit pop without making too much of a dent in your wallet.

In her blog, Kansas-based thrifting expert Rebekah Baier writes, “I grew up thrifting. We thrift -hopped on vacation, when we visited family, on the weekends, you get the point. I thought it meant that we were poor. I was obviously not giving my mother the credit that was due for being much savvier than I knew.”

The truth is, thrifting is not just for people who are on a budget: It is a clever, economically viable practice of taking used clothes and making something new out of them. People thrift because it’s a fun hobby that allows them to translate their personality, whether through a retro ’80s, urban ’90s or punk rock style.

“Thrifting is where you find your creativity,” says Tia, a 16-year-old shopping enthusiast. “It’s where you learn to put things together.”

It’s become a popular way for Atlanta teens to stamp a style on themselves through fashion. For example, a store called The Junkman’s Daughter in Little Five Points offers a wide selection of unique and trendy items, from clothes and shoes to wigs and other accessories. And the city is full of similar thrift stores where you can find the perfect building blocks for your personal style.

Thrifting can save you money, while offering the stylish items you want. So the next time you decide to go shopping, consider trying out a thrift store near you — you’ll be economical and fashionable all at the same time.

Here are some thrift stores in the Atlanta area:

Rag-O-Rama – Trade ins allowed/vintage clothing

Wish – Vintage clothing/nice downstairs area with large shoe collection

Junkman’s Daughter – Wide variety of clothing

Value Village – Vintage clothing/always well-stocked

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