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Trump Rhetoric Dismisses America’s Democratic Ideals

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Our imperfect country may stand for justice and liberty for all, but in reality inequality trumps ideals of democracy. The pains of marginalized and criminalized people almost silently yet steadily reverberate throughout America.

Yet the world keeps spinning. The New Year confetti and empty popcorn bags are well-settled in landfills across America. And Donald Trump has surprisingly made it as a top contender during this presidential campaign continuing to acquire legitimacy as we get closer to November.

Well before his nomination, Trump gained the media’s limelight as a brash businessman bringing his love for money to TV in “The Apprentice.” Today his comments are plastered across various social networks, allowing the public to know the man who has a real chance to hold the position historically held by Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

The nature of Donald Trump’s statements juxtapose the idea of an appropriate presidential candidate. Trump’s fireside chats align more with rhetoric used at a KKK rally.  In early December, he made himself the face of a popular belief that branding Muslims and banning them from entering the country would be a good thing.

Since 9/11 an “us vs. them” mentality has the political climate gridlocked with a preoccupation with justice and liberty for someone — but I don’t know who that is anymore.

Today, more effectively than ever, social media has the ability to bring awareness to the annoying, degrading, and even deadly aspects of inequality in our country. It’s important to tune into public rhetoric because it is constantly being capitalized on. Not only that, but words and imaging are essential to the democratic process.

How do you feel about Donald Trump’s opinions and views being sprinkled directly into the eyes, ears, and hearts of the public?

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