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Top Ten Songs that Encourage (and Discourage) Healthy Relationships

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This semester, VOX Investigates takes a deep dive into teen dating violence. According to, an organization dedicated to combating dating violence, one in three teens is a victim of sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse stemming from an unhealthy dating relationship. Sometimes, unhealthy relationships can be ingrained in our thinking through various mediums, including music. Below you’ll find a list of songs that encourage a healthy relationship and discourage it. Hopefully, you can listen to these songs to show you what is a health relationship — and what’s not.

Five Songs that Promote Healthy Relationships

1.“1+1” by Beyoncé

This lovely song by Beyoncé portrays how important it is to be able to depend on your significant other. When nobody is there all you have is them, and together you two are one.

2.“Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett

This is a beautiful love song that professes love for his significant other. The song uplifts the partner, as Rhett states there’s nobody better than her. If there’s ever any doubt in your significant other, or if you feel like he or she may be overreacting, just remember this melodious song.

3. “Let Me Hold You” by Bow Wow

This throwback song is all about being there for your significant other or their ride or die. Not only are you all a couple but also best friends. If you need somebody to talk to, this song will remind you that your significant other should be your first and best option because they should always be there for you.

4.“As You Are” by Charlie Puth

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Charlie Puth covers a very important part of a healthy relationship in this song: Do not change yourself for anybody. If you have to change for your significant other, then it’s not meant to be. It’s not healthy to be in a relationship with someone who does not accept you as you or judges you for being you.

5. “Love of My Life” by Queen

Sometimes people in relationships take breaks. However, if two people are really meant to be together they will reconnect. This song portrays that feeling. The love of your life is only the love of your life if they come back.

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Artwork by Dasia Evertsz

Five Songs that Promote Unhealthy Relationships

1.“Almost is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande

In this song, Ariana talks about how they gave up too soon. The relationship goes bad and they don’t fix it. “If I would have known that you wanted me the way I wanted you,” implies that their lack of communication in the relationship caused it to go bad and never be fixed.

2. “Doing it Wrong” by Drake

This mellow Drake song talks about a breakup. He discusses how it is not healthy to stay around knowing you don’t truly love the person. He sings: “’Cause you’ll say you love me and I’ll end up lying and say I love you too.” It is not healthy to stay in a relationship that you do not really want to be in.

3. “The Worst” by Jhené Aiko

It’s hard to leave somebody you are so emotionally attached to, but it’s not healthy to stay with someone who doesn’t treat you right. Jhené knows this guy is no good but she can’t leave him because of her attachment to him. Yes, it may be hard, but if your significant other is emotionally or physically hurting you, you have to be strong enough to break that emotional or physical attachment and leave.

4.“Stitches” by Shawn Mendes

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This song talks about how hurt a person is after a breakup. It is not healthy to be stuck on a person after the relationship. Don’t beat yourself up over a breakup because if it’s over that means it wasn’t meant to be.

5. “Jealous” by Nick Jonas

Yes, it is natural to feel jealous when in a relationship. However, being jealous all the time can be unhealthy. Show trust in your significant other.

Interested in reading listening to a few healthy tunes to start your day? Check out this VOX Playlist for the healthy relationship songs, and visit throughout this spring for more information on teen dating violence.

Artwork by Dasia Evertsz, 17, Our Lady of Mercy

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