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Too Hot To Handle: The Best and Worst Couples

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“Too Hot to Handle” is a Netflix series where 10-15 young adults are put on an island together for a summer. These young adults are used to having meaningless relationships and constantly participating in sexual activities. They are put on the island under the impression that they are on a game show where they are allowed to fulfill these same habits, but after a couple of hours on the island it is revealed to them that they are unable to kiss or have any sexual contact of any form. What’s at stake? A $100,000-$200,000 prize. Each time a rule is broken, money is deducted from the overall prize causing this show to be quite entertaining. In this article, I am going to break down what I believe to be the best and worst couples created on the show.

Harry Johnson & Beaux Raymond (Season 3)


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This couple was by far my favorite! This relationship was simple and cute and stood for a lot more than the others. In the beginning, Harry and Beaux were only friends although they shared a bed every night. Not long after, sparks began to fly between the pair, and after Harry confessed his feelings to Beaux, he found the feeling was mutual. The story line on this couple, although short, managed to be the best one yet! They broke the fewest rules out of my list of couples and ended off the season in a serious relationship and from the looks of recent appearances and social media posts the couple seem to still be going strong.

Sharron Townsend & Rhonda Paul (Season 1)

Another one of my favorite couples were Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul. This couple represented growth. From the very beginning Sharron and Rhonda were attracted to each other, but after Sharron failed to open up, Rhonda found herself soul-gazing with another castmate. This was a juicy moment as the guy Rhonda found herself with happened to be one of Sharron’s closest friends on the show. This of course made Sharron upset but gave him the motivation to try again with Rhonda, this time being open. This couple did happen to break a couple of rules after Lana granted them a night in the private suite, costing the group $16,000, but they still managed to stick together and became a breath of fresh air for the remainder of the show. *During the show’s reunion it was revealed that this couple is no longer together.*

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Marvin Anthony & Melinda Melrose (Season 2)

This was one of the most beautiful couples on the show. This couple, similar to the last, had problems in the beginning but went on to be a beautiful sight in the eyes of the Netflix viewers. These two were attracted to each other from the very beginning of the show! Their problems started after Melinda spotted Marvin flirting with another girl immediately after flirting with her; thus, when the opportunity arose for Melinda to make out with another cast member she did. After news broke to Marvin that this had happened, he completely closed himself off to Melinda, but after some time of Melinda trying to get back through to him, he finally gave in and this relationship became a beautiful one, but not without a price. This couple cost the group $23,000. According to Marvin and Melinda they never saw each other again after the show ended. Thus bringing us to our next couple……….

Melinda Melrose & Peter Vigilante (Season 2)


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This couple was a shock to me! During the show, after Melinda watched Marvin flirt with other girls, she found herself making out with Peter. They ended up having a little fling on the show causing Marvin to be jealous. Soon after, Melinda found herself back with Marvin and Peter got kicked off the island for making no genuine connections. After the show ended and Marvin and Melinda were no longer a thing, Melinda reconnected with Peter and the two are now a couple. This couple was very surprising but from the looks of it, seem happy and are growing strong. This couple cost the group $3,000.

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Cam Holmes & Emily Miller (season 2)


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Cam and Emily hit it off very early in Season 2. Emily had strong feelings for Cam, but Cam had habits he had to overcome before he could take Emily seriously. During the show, Cam lied about being with Emily when Christina, a new cast member, asked him about her. This of course caused a problem in their relationship, but Emily came around to forgive him, and when tempted again Cam showed strength and told Emily what happened himself. Through the show we got a chance to see this couple grow, and Cam was able to control old habits and become a better him for Emily. Towards the end Cam was unsure about his relationship with Emily causing them to take a break. Eventually Cam came back around and this couple is still striving to this day. This couple cost the group $17,000. Bringing us to my least favorite couples.

Francesca Fargo and Harry Jowsey (Season 1)


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This couple were juicy to watch from the very beginning. The two hit it off towards the beginning of the show. After knowing the rules of no kissing, Harry convinced Francesca to kiss anyway. Harry then confessed to the group that Francesca came onto him and kissed him instead of the other way around, and from the looks of it the majority of the group believed him. This enraged Francesca and the pair did not see eye to eye for a while, but ended up reconnecting later on in the show. My problem with this pair is that they had no care for the other contestants. This couple continuously broke rules and only showed remorse when the group began to show anger. It is unknown if the couple is still together, but they did last for a substantially long time after the show. This pair cost the group $32,000. This brings us to my least favorite couple.

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Holly Scarfone & Nathan Mngomezulu (Season 3)

This couple spent money on their very first night. This couple did not care about the money and always put their feelings before the rest of the group which is why you find them at the end of the list. This couple constantly found themselves with the opportunity to break rules and did not stop themselves! During their relationship Nathan found himself on a date with another hot castmate. During this date, Nathan definitely flirted and was close to giving up his and Holly’s relationship, but he didn’t and their relationship continued. Nathan was usually the leader of these rule breaks causing him to get kicked off the island and sent on a retreat of his own. The purpose of this retreat was for Nathan to learn to control himself, but overall this couple did not show much care for spending the group’s money. This couple are not still together and overall cost the group more than half of their $200,000 price fund.

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