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The “Rise of Sneaker Culture” Must-Sees

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The highly-anticipated “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” made its way to Atlanta with a variety of shoes in tow to please both the seasoned art critic and the impassioned local sneakerhead alike.

Atlanta, a city that acts as a hub for fashion, especially in regard to black fashion and the surrounding culture, is a match made in heaven for a sneaker exhibit. The summer-long installation at the High Museum of Art, which includes 155 sneakers, opened June 11 and will come to a close on August 14.

Among the 155 pairs of footwear, there is a vast range from relics, such as 1925 Dominion’s women’s heeled athletic shoes, to the 2015 “Yeezys” by Kanye West and Adidas. From artsy shoes, such as the Roy Lichtenstein-inspired “Powarama” by Pierre Hardy, to historical footworks, such as the “Obama Force Ones” and the Muhammad Ali-inspired “Ali Classic,” there is incredible diversity among the shoes on display.

Though there are a plethora of shoes, the following shoes stood out among the others due to their unique design, historical significance, modern-day relevance and/or intriguing composition.

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Jahleelah Shaheed, 16, is a rising senior and teen activist who is passionate about art and intersectional feminism.

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