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We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about a phenomenon called “performative activism.” Well, you’re about to hear it again. Inclusivity in the commercial space has been all the rage in the past years. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna pioneered skin-tone inclusivity in makeup, brands have been releasing Pride lines and launches, and even Band-aids now…

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VOXCast: How Much Discrimination Is In Your School? [AUDIO]

In this episode of the VOXCast, Mack Walker sits down with fellow Atlanta teens Karis, JT and Mohamed from Youth United to talk about the work they do in the community, ideas for the next Georgia governor and how discrimination and segregation are still present in Atlanta-area high schools in 2018.

Listen in as they talk about the difference in how teens are treated at school based on how they wear their hair and how some people act shocked to hear they are in advanced classes.