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Artwork by Jiya Mahajan/VOX Media Cafe

Society (Noun) [Poetry]

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Where people don’t belong.

Where people crumble 

Where people say to be themselves,

but then say “not like that”.


We have a set of unspoken rules.

We have to follow others

There are rankings.



We classify.

We discriminate.

We label.



It’s because of these unwritten rules,

we follow without any resistance.  

We change because of these guidelines.

We don’t recognize ourselves anymore.


But why do we?

Why do we follow these cruel rules?

We always have a choice, 

a choice to fight.


These rules don’t make us. 

They do not define us. 

They are just words. 

Words that we will erase.


Society is just a word.

Nothing more.


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About Jiya Mahajan

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Jiya Mahajan is a 14-year-old rising freshman at Gwinnett School of Mathematics and Technology. She enjoys dancing and spending time with family and friends....

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