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Artwork by Jiya Mahajan/VOX Media Cafe

Pills [Poetry]

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Popping pills.

One after another; 

been doing so ever since 

we were children. 


Open bottle. 

Take one.




Pills haunt us, 

cure us, poison us.

They save us

and kill us. 


We trust them so much 

that we agree 

to let them 

end us.


We get addicted to it. 

We rely on it 

to pick us up  

when we are down. 


People say its a 


to take your 

own life.


But it isn’t our fault,

it’s the pills

that we trust

To do the deed for us.


It is the trust

that allows the pills 


consume us. 


Our genius mind trusts a

inanimate object to save us 

or to 

destroy us.


Editor’s note: The poet says this piece of art reflects society and is not autobiographical. 


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