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On the Road with Jule Vera

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If you’re going to be in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, or Alabama for the remainder of this week, then you’re in luck. The new band Jule Vera kicked off their (very) limited tour in Atlanta on Tuesday and will wrap up in Nashville, Tenn., on Saturday, Sept. 28. Ticket prices are very affordable, ranging in price from $10-$60 depending on the venue. For specific tour dates and information click here.

If you’re reading this and wondering who Jule Vera is, they are a new indie pop rock band that has been taking Georgia and Alabama by storm.

Ansley Newman, lead vocalist, Jake Roland, guitarist, and William Stacey, bassist, who were all in a band before Jule Vera, came together to form what it is now. Each song is written by the teens as a team and is performed with all their hearts on the stage.

At a show you can hear and see the passion that the teens put into their music. During a performance, it’s not uncommon to see the members all smiles, looking out into the crowd or jumping around on stage.

Another thing that sets Jule Vera apart from the rest is their willingness to connect with their fans. After a show feel free to take some pictures and ask questions.

The up-and-coming trio from Alabama has just scored a major breakthrough in their career. “We’re all really excited for it! This is a milestone in our career and we can’t wait to see how it goes,” Roland told VOX about the band’s first tour with a major artist, season seven American Idol winner, David Cook.

When you get your ticket, here’s what to expect: at least six original songs, including their hit song “Radioactive” and a cover of a Weezer song. Amber Carrington, The Voice season four semi finalist, will accompany Jule Vera and David Cook as they rock the stage in Nashville.

Now let’s play some catch-up. Throughout the summer the band had been booking shows and working on their first album non-stop. Recently Jule Vera performed in their home town of Opelika, Alabama and at Six Flags over Georgia.

Their first album, yet to be named, does not have a set release date but can be expected soon. To support the group finish that first album and get it out to the world, you can purchase merchandise sold at any event. That also will help the band be able to perform more shows near you. Items for purchase include tee shirts, tank tops, and stickers.

2013 has been a year of firsts for Jule Vera, and it just keeps getting better!

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