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“I want to keep challenging myself. I challenge myself by getting uncomfortable. Yeah, so, being comfortable being uncomfortable.” – Jamie Brown Jr.


Photos courtesy Jamie Brown Jr.

Rising Star: Atlanta Teen Artist Jamie Brown Jr. Making Waves in the Art World 

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In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, 17-year-old artist prodigy Jamie Brown Jr. is capturing hearts and imaginations, making a name for himself in the world of visual arts with his remarkable talent, and his journey is nothing short of inspiring.

From the earliest days of his childhood, Jamie exhibited an unwavering passion for visual arts, with the walls of his parents’ apartment bearing witness to his enthusiastic scribbles on more than one occasion. Jamie shared that his passion started young: “It was 10th grade. I had moved to Central Gwinnett High School from Shiloh, because they had this art program called Soda.”

What sets Jamie apart is not just his undeniable talent but also his diverse range of artistic inspirations. Influenced by the works of artists like J. Cole, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nathan Addley, and Alfred Amadu Conteh, Jamie channels this inspiration into his creations. As he described it, Basquiat’s art helps him “think outside the box,” while J. Cole’s music helps him “put the pieces together.”

Jamie’s goal is clear: to transform his artistic passion into a full-time profession. As Jamie told VOX ATL, he aspires to become a creative director, have his artwork displayed in museums, win major art awards like Atlanta’s Artist of the Year, and figure out how to transform his artistic passion into a lucrative, full-time profession: “I want to get a paid art internship in high school. Even if not just a paid art internship in general, I want to make it to All State Finals because artists, they have like their own All State competition. So I definitely want to do that.” Jamie’s talent shone brightly when he displayed his painting “Bankhead’s Concrete Rose” at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) summer art show. The work gained prominent recognition at the Atlanta show, establishing Jamie’s reputation as a rising star. People at the show were deeply impressed by the painting, commenting on its textures, movement, and overall artistic excellence.

His commitment to growth and improvement sets him apart. He diligently practices his craft daily, taking on projects that push his boundaries to ensure continuous evolution as an artist. As Jamie described, “I want to keep challenging myself. I just challenge myself, really just, by getting uncomfortable. Yeah, so, being comfortable being uncomfortable.” Jamie is continuously pushing outside his comfort zone, challenging his abilities and staying dedicated to evolving his artistic talents.

Jamie’s educational journey has also played a pivotal role in shaping his artistic prowess. He participated in SCAD’s summer seminar program, which not only expanded his knowledge but also added valuable experiences to his repertoire. As Jamie shared, the program challenged him to “go big or go home,” and so he created a large 48×60 inch painting, pushing him outside of his comfort zone and building his confidence. 

In the VOX ATL interview, Jamie also spoke candidly about overcoming obstacles like perfectionism and self-doubt through determination and by focusing on appreciating the skills he currently possesses. He shared: “I was so passionate that I gassed myself out, but I also took that little moment while I was like gassed and tired to kind of spark up my determination and confidence.”

Jamie emphasized being “appreciative of what I do have in the moment, you know what I mean? Like the skills that I possess.” His advice to other young artists was simple yet powerful: “Never stop creating and keep pushing your limits.”

As we watch Jamie Brown Jr.’s star rise in the art world, he serves as a shining example of youthful ambition, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. His journey has only just begun, and there’s no doubt that he is well on his way to achieving his artistic aspirations. The art world is eager to see what heights this young artist will reach. The world at large is watching, inspired by his passion and determination — and can stay up to date with Jamie’s art journey and view his latest creations on his Instagram page.

As he shared in his closing remarks in the interview, “We got a lot coming up. Got big projects with our community, for myself in general and y’all don’t want to miss it, man.”

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  1. Marvin Gilbert

    Yes young man, keep doing your thing, I’m proud of you.

  2. Orias

    Way to go!!! Keep up the good work 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾