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Poetry Finalist: “Setting Fire to the Stars”

by share

I can feel these walls beginning to crumble
the walls that I built from scratch so long ago.
I want to scream so loud that no one hears
tear my hair out and dissolve into tears
stay strong I’m weak like jelly.
you can do this I’ve already done this way too many times.
It’s an external struggle and an internal jail.
they’ll tell you to try
try again but all I ever do is fail.
But I still have my loyal knights
and we’ll never go down without a fight.
Walking step by step and hand in hand,
I’ll start a revolution, make my own brand.
I’m blocking out all the white noise;
but your eyes are like a black hole, I just might give in.
I can’t.
I won’t.
I’m still going to try.
Take in a deep breath again.
set fire to the stars.

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