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Poetry Finalist: “Highway Hypnosis on 55”

by share

take your seat now, child
let the earth turn a
way from sanity

let night fall smoothly
gentle gravity

White lines and White line
whiter than knuckles
gripping the slick wheel
unending white lines
highway hypnosis
begins to kick in
highway hypnosis
begins to kick in
and then that highway
hypnosis kicks in.

blinding the driver.
manual says to
quickly blink often
roll down your windows
listen to music
just try to engage.
Jolt to reality.
But why
Mind numb; body wired
why not be enticed
and let all the blur
of high-speed travel
conquer the senses.
allow all the speed
and void of present
and future bound in
the Finite glow of
headlights against tar
take over reason.

car, just a machine
a human Body
is a passenger
just within itself
and this is because
highway hypnosis
is not letting go
highway hypnosis
is realizing that
the Journey is in absolute control.

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