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Poetry Finalist: “5 AM in My Nightmares”

by share

Undervalued and overlooked
Read my life story like a tattered book
Flip open the cover and search for the nooks
Paired with crannies between the crests and valleys
Even via Lemon juice, you still won’t find the clues

Fools snoop like crooks in baggy clothes and squeaky shoes
Approaching the gate in the yard like bullet ants drawn to food

They have a moment of hesitation,
overcome by a greedy ruse
Which side of the border between heaven and hell do you think lies the truth

Far from a second chance
they don’t look back
and they advance with their prior poorly planned plans
Hands filled with intelligent tools
wielded by blinded fools
Who don’t realize that this IS a battle to lose

Fumes rising from the drill in the wall it’s frightening
Rain starts pouring and there’s about to be lightning
Thunder soon follows to indicate it’s time to be
hurrying inside to find the Batman Begins story
of the one child with snuffed out dreams from the beginning

Any representation of an outcast
is ammunition for the upper class
Any lack of cultural blood equates to…
Filing a divorce for a marriage
you never got into
And in this case
we all know the majority of rappers of this age
none of them my color of skin,
nor distant relatives of race
That’s why I try my hardest to become the largest face
Indicating there is at least one person who lays
it all on the beat,
whether it’s getting my feet wet in new waters
Or finding ground to relate to our founding fathers
Biggie and Pac, Dre and Em, Nas and Snoop
Inspirations for millions, Kings and rooks
So when I put any of my lyrics on a track
Never tell me to go back to my original habitat
of sitting back and being lax against a rolling tide
Never threw a punch against it, not even a failed fight
But now I’m the lead in Southpaw with Eminem on the mic
The first revolutionist backing the second on the line

Rhythm and Poetry. RAP for short
How can you be a remarkable rapper without both
I have Rhythm
But, I am a Poet.
And at the moment no one else knows it
So if my voice sounds different, use your eyes then
Because my words are what matter most
That’s how … I win

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