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Cover art by Aidan Ventimiglia

Poetry: ‘Babysitting’

by share

What do you do
When someone needs you

What’s the plan
With the coronavirus at hand

What to do,
But be there when they need you.

“While your parents are away.
I need to be here to make sure you’re okay.

I understand you
You think like I do.

It can be scary,
You have every right to be wary.

The neighbor in your home,
A stranger let loose to roam.

I’m here to keep you safe,
Let’s talk about what will make some of your worries be erased.

When we play,
I can stay six feet far far away.

The patio and the front yard,
Over there, I could be your watch guard.

I can wear a mask,
That wouldn’t be such a difficult task.

I can do,
Most anything you want me to.

Let me know,
And I promise to hear you.

In the meantime, what should we do?
We have about an hour or two.”

What I had prepared to say,
Until they slept the whole morning their mom was away.

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