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Muse-ings On My First Concert

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At first, my 18th birthday looked dull and bleak. I didn’t want to throw a party or go to the same places that my classmates went to for their birthdays. I honestly thought I’d celebrate my birthday asleep in my bed. And then it hit me.

A voice in my head said: “Alexes, Google when your favorite band is coming back to America.” Muse, my favorite band for almost five years, was not only coming back to America, but they were performing in Washington, D.C. on February 1. Not only did I scream with sheer excitement over the fact that they were coming, but they were coming the day before my birthday to the exact city where I would be attending college later this year. What could get better than that? Actually going to the show!

Getting off the Metro and walking up to the Verizon Center doors made me burst with excitement. Not only because my mom kept where we were sitting a secret but because there were people from everywhere flocking to the doors to see Muse with me. Walking through the front doors, I realized that this was going to be a night to remember.

Being a concert newbie, I had no idea what to expect. First, I was way closer to the front than I would have ever imagined. I could see the stage set up so clearly. Second, I learned that every concert has an opening act. A group called X Ambassadors came on stage and even though I wasn’t a fan, they played great music. Thirdly, I learned that the stadium doesn’t fill up until intermission, right before the main act comes on stage. That explains why the stadium was empty at first (I knew Muse had a bigger fan base than what I saw when the opening act was performing).

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As soon as the lights turned down after intermission, my life truly began. Normally, screaming bothers me, but not that night. The screams made me feel alive and made me scream, too.

The band opened with “Psycho” from their 2015 album “Drones” and then they performed ¨Uprising,” “Supermassive Black Hole,” “Resistance,” and “Starlight” and ending the show with an all-time favorite “Knights of Cydonia.”

Rocking out to my favorite Muse songs was totally acceptable because I wasn’t the only one. It was fun seeing adults loosen up and lose control. My singing didn’t bother anyone because everyone sang along with me. Everyone knew all of the words, just like me.

The graphics and lights made the songs and show come to life. I will never forget how the stage rotated, the flying confetti, the drones in bubbles flying everywhere and an inflatable airplane flying around for the grand finale.

Five years later, after falling in love with lead singer Matt Bellamy’s voice and guitar riffs, I got to experience it all live. I got to listen, sing, and jam to all of my favorite songs.

It was nice to experience the last night of their “Drones” North American tour with complete strangers who all had the same intense love for Muse as I did. The concert felt short, it left me wanting more.

Even standing up for three hours wasn’t enough for a die-hard fan like me. I would have stood up all night for them if I could, but sadly, the night had to end. That night is one that I will never forget in a million years. I will never be able to listen to another Muse song the same again.

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