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Hunter Callahan Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to Music

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Singer/songwriter Hunter Callahan has dedicated his life to trying to make a name for himself in the music industry. Born in Atlanta, but raised in Tyrone, Georgia, Callahan, 23, attended McIntosh High School in Peachtree City and has spent his life surrounded and in love with music of all kinds. Hunter performed a mini concert and took questions earlier this summer at VOX.

I was able to interview Callahan, along with his band, Hunter Callahan and The Revival, and attend one of their performances at Eddie’s Attic, a downtown Decatur venue that allows acoustic artists to perform their work. Here, I was able to see how Callahan’s music could move an audience and affect them on an emotional level. His unique singing voice paired with the personal stories being told through his songs were soothing and engaging. The audience was clearly enjoying it and I had a great time as well! “The best part about Hunter’s work,” says Jared Koeing, one of the band’s guitarists, “is that there’s a reality in his work. He writes songs that are of meaningful to him.”

“I went to Eddie’s for their open mic,” Callahan says, remarking his first time performing at Eddie’s Attic. “I went there one Monday night just to see what would happen. Didn’t win it, but got to the finals my first night. So that was a pretty big, like, you’re doing something right, kid.”

“So the ultimate goal,” says Callahan. “I want to really move people with music because I think that can transcend race, gender, wealth … music is a universal language … so I would love to just … just have an impact in the industry. I want music to be music again.”

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You can see Hunter’s work here.

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