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Hopeless (a muse on our election)

by share

I am not well.

The kingdom is balancing on the edge of the cliff

Of the rift

Provided by a madman and a hypocrite

I don’t have a grip on the venomous slips and the whispers

Of the candidates

I don’t know where to put the children when the fall-out begins

November 8 is the determinant

Of my country’s status

But I can’t find it in me to practice the art

That is controlled breathing

Not seething

But anxious.

Their words should have more meaning to me, but hopefully clinton can pull through

Or else trump will gain enough leverage to level up

I choose to vote for Pete’s sake

For that hope that comes when there’s no food

On this country’s plate

For the broken down churches and the rent that’s due too late

I hope someone can help us fix that

Or else the bones buried underground will start to clack

And no one wants that

No one wants shattered glass

Hope is the fragile thing

And hope don’t always last.


Catherine, 19, attends Georgia State University-Perimeter. Photo by Rebecca Jeltuhin, VOX staff. 


VOX’s musings on the 2016 election will appear here, daily, through Nov. 8.

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