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VOX Bubble: What do you wish more teens knew about sexual health?

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In this edition of the VOX Bubble, students from Frederick Douglass High School’s Ninth Grade Academy recapped their experiences in the SKYE (Skills, Knowledge, and Youth Empowerment) program, administered through the Fulton County Board of Health, Division of Health Promotion.

Check out these thoughts from the teens — and photos of their collage art about sex ed and what it’s like to be a teen today! 

[Editor’s Note: The teens were not required to give their names when sharing their thoughts for the VOX Bubble, so some entries are anonymous!]

What would you like other teens to understand about preventing STIs and unplanned pregnancies? 

I wish (not just) teens knew that they have a higher chance of getting an STI when they have unprotected sex. Herpes cannot be cured. Don’t just get in bed with someone you don’t know like that. You could have an unplanned pregnancy, or they might have a disease. – Anonymous

I feel like [what] some teens need to know is you are not grown. You are still a kid. Y’all be acting like y’all grown but are kids and be yourself. You care about what others think so bad y’all forget about who y’all are. – Mark C., 15:

Something I wish more teenagers knew about unplanned pregnancies? Oh, this one’s easy: BABIES SUCK. They suck! They’re a nightmare. They’re just some little brain-dead freeloaders who literally irritate you when they don’t get what they want. But we let them slide because they’re “cute?” Bullsh-t! Those loud, little demon infants aren’t cute, they’re a cult. Be smart. WEAR CONDOMS! – Anonymous

What should people know about being a teen today? 

People be so quick to judge other people but they don’t know what people be going through, like depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions.

We are teens, so we would want to try something out to see how it will feel. That’s why most teens have sex at their age. 

Being a teenager today versus being one in the past is so different, yet it’s the same. School, social life, and all-around stupid degenerates have always existed. It’s just slightly different because these kids let social media and trash influences rot their brains. – Anonymous

It is important that people understand that teens are not adults yet. I say that because once you become a teen everything changes, and they want to treat you like you are older than you are. They kinda treat you like you don’t have feelings anymore. – Tijon, 15

Sex ed collages:

If you’ve already taken sex ed, answer this in the comments: What were you surprised to learn, and what do you wish more teens knew about sexual health? 

For more information about sex ed and sexual health, check the Fulton County Board of Health’s website.

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