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High School Students’ Thoughts On How To Prevent School Shootings [AUDIO]

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According to CNN, in the first 21 weeks in 2018, there were 23 school shootings that took place. That averages out to more than one shooting a week. VOX ATL asked four high school students their thoughts on school shootings and what will make them feel safe at school. All of the students gave me great feedback. Haven, 17, told me she thinks responsible teachers should have a gun in the classroom. Kala, 18, said there needs to be an end to bullying. Kenya, 17, said school administration needs to be more involved with the students. Aterykah, 17, said schools should educate their students on bullying and mental health. All of them are correct, there needs to be an end of this. Listen to the audio recording below to hear their thoughts.

Krystal White, 17, attends Sebastopol Attendance Center. A fun fact about me is I work for the Atlanta Dream.

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